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Do led headlights need to add a lens?
May 03, 2018

Not necessarily. LED headlights generally do not have a light cup, which is equivalent to a light bulb, and is reflected by the original vehicle reflector cup. This means that, with the same LED headlight bulb, on different motorcycles, the light effects may not be the same.

If the light cup of your motorcycle headlight assembly is a regular light cup like the round head prince, the light effect that comes out is very good. The lights are covered with roads and are very bright. The road is clear and there are very Conducive to driving safety.

Bright and stable is the most prominent feature of LED headlights. Take the current market's most popular "Nine Plus One Motorcycle LED headlamps", the power is only 18W or 24W, and the original car halogen bulb power is generally 35W or 55W, that is, the power of the LED headlights It is only half of the original car halogen bulb, but the brightness is 2.5-4 times that of the original car halogen bulb. LED headlights are very energy-efficient and never lose batteries.

If your car is flat like a scooter, it looks like a flat mirror underneath. Such a light cup will not be very good regardless of the bulb shape.

There are also very few customers who have installed LED headlamps, but also installed lenses, but in general it is not necessary to install the lens, because the LED headlamps are far and near light, but also a lens to do? The lens is mainly for the purpose of concentrating, and one of the functions of the LED headlight is that the paving effect is relatively wide, and the light is covered with road surface. This way the vehicle is safe. Do not blindly focus for the spotlight. Pursue the shape of a flashlight, like a flashlight, only It's not safe to use a small amount of buckets. What's the use? Many riders don't like flashlights.

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