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External light type
Feb 07, 2018

Common external lights are: headlamps, fog lights, license plate lights, reversing lights, brake lights, turn signals, position lights, profile lights, parking lights and warning lights and daytime running lights. External light colors are generally white, orange and red; vehicles carrying special tasks such as fire engines, police cars, ambulances and emergency vehicles have a red, yellow or blue flashing warning light with priority. Motor vehicles should be on time to participate in safety testing and comprehensive testing to ensure that the external light is complete and effective.

(1) Headlamps, commonly known as "headlights," are mounted on both sides of the car's head to illuminate the road in front of the car. There are two lights, four lights of the points. Four-lamp headlamps installed side by side, mounted on the outside of a correspondence for the near, double beam light beam; mounted on the inside of a corresponding high-beam single beam light. High beam light is generally 40-60W, low beam light is generally 35-55W.

(2) fog lights installed in the car's head or tail. In the fog, snow, heavy rain or dust filled the case, used to improve the lighting of the road ahead of the vehicle. Front fog lamp power is 45-55W, light color is orange. Rear fog lamp power is 21W or 6W, light color is red, to warn the trailing vehicle to maintain a safe distance.

(3) A license plate lamp shall be mounted above or to the left and right of the vehicle's rear license plate to illuminate the post-license plate with a power of 5-10W to ensure that pedestrians can see the words and figures on the license plate at a distance of 20m behind the car.

(4) The reversing light is installed at the rear of the car, automatically illuminating when the transmission is in reverse gear, illuminating the rear side of the car and alerting the vehicle pedestrians in the rear of the car to be safe. Power is generally 20-25W, light color is white.

(5) brake lights commonly known as "brake lights." Installed in the rear of the car. When the brake pedal is depressed, a strong red light is emitted to indicate braking. Power is 20-25W, the light color is red, the lampshade shows the area after the show position lights. In order to avoid the danger of colliding with a large car on a car, a high-position brake light, which is displayed in a row by a light-emitting diode, can be installed in the rear window of the car.

(6) turn signal The main turn signal is generally installed on the left and right sides of the car head and tail, used to indicate the vehicle driving trend. The side of the car side with side turn signal. The main turn signal power is generally 20-25W, side turn signal is 5W, light color is vagrant. Steering, the light was flashing, the frequency is specified as 1.sic.5HZ, starting time is not greater than 1.5s. In the case of emergency need to be avoided when other vehicles to avoid, all turn lights can be connected through the hazard warning light flashing at the same time.

(7) Beacon, also known as "show width lights", "location lights", installed in front of the car, behind and side, driving at night before the headlights, the position lights, instrument lights and license plate lights at the same time, To mark the shape of the vehicle and so on. Power is generally 5-20W. The front position lamp is commonly called "small lamp", the light color is white or yellow, the rear position lamp is commonly called "taillight", the light color is red, and the side light color is amber.

(8) Outline lights Commonly known as "corner lights", vehicles with no-load vehicle height above 3m shall be fitted with a profile lamp to mark the outline of the vehicle. Lamp power is generally 5W.

(9) The parking lights are installed on both sides of the front and the rear of the vehicle. The lights are required to be confirmed at 150m away from the front of the vehicle and the rear of the vehicle. The light is required to be white in front and red in the rear. Parked at night, the parking lights connected to the shape of the vehicle logo.

(10) Warning lights are generally mounted on the top of the car, used to mark the special type of vehicle, the power is generally 40-45W. Fire trucks, police cars with red, blue ambulance, rotation speed of 2 to 6 times per second; buses and taxis for the white and yellow. Taxi empty car lights mounted on the dashboard, power is 5-15W, light color is red, white.

(11) Daytime running lights Daytime running lights, which are mounted on the front of the body, are lamps that make the vehicle easier to recognize when driving in the daytime. Its effectiveness is not so that the driver can see the road, but to let others know that a car has come. Therefore, this lamp is not a light, but a signal light. Of course, the installation of daytime running lights can make the car look cooler and more hygienic, but the maximum effect of daytime running lights is not to look good, but to provide the vehicle's visibility. Before the implementation of motor vehicle daytime running lights in Europe by 2011, LEDs will be more widely used in automobiles.

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