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How to choose LED lights?
Mar 22, 2018



See the specific parameters of the lights


The important thing for the led lights is brightness, light type, color temperature, heat dissipation


Brightness, determined by lamp beads, good lamp beads guarantees luminous efficiency, high lumens, and good brightness. Therefore, the quality of the lamp beads is also very important. Everybody has relatively recognized brands such as Philips and Corey.


Light type, simply speaking, refers to the angle and shape of the car headlights. A good light type divides the bright and dark areas to help identify the road conditions on the right, and does not shine on the eyes of the driver of the oncoming vehicle.

This is determined by the overall design of the lights. The specific effect is to test the lights.


Color temperature is a physical quantity used in illumination optics to define the color of a light source. It refers to the change of color experienced by the human eye in different energy, and refers to the color of the light. This is directly visible from the parameter box.

The more bluish light color, the higher the color temperature; the lower the color temperature, the more reddish it is.

3000K yellow light, strong penetration;

4300K white with yellow, light penetrating power balance;

5000K light white, the highest color temperature of European regulations;

6000K light white, slightly blue;

The 7000K white is markedly blue;

More than 8000K blue light.

Therefore, the LED headlight with a color temperature between 4300K-6000K is suitable, so that both the brightness and the penetrating power are taken into consideration. It can not only meet the needs of nighttime lighting, but also do not need to worry about the penetrating power of rain and fog weather.


The heat dissipation of the headlights determines the life of the headlights.

After the LED light source is turned on, about 35% of the electrical energy is converted into light energy, and the rest is converted into heat energy.

There are mainly two kinds of heat dissipation methods for LED headlights in the market: passive heat dissipation and active heat dissipation.

Passive heat dissipation is now the dominant form of copper braid heat dissipation and aluminum body heat dissipation.

Insufficient volume may result in insufficient cooling speed.


The active cooling method is equivalent to speeding up the air convection - yes, it is the fan cooling! ! This kind of heat dissipation method is that there is a small fan at the end of the LED. When the LED is just lit, the small fan at the tail also works together. The heat of the aluminum base is distributed to the air by the fan in the form of air convection. .

The current market mainstream

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