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Internal light type editor
Feb 08, 2018

     Common internal lights with dome light, reading light, luggage compartment lights, door lights, step lights, instrument lighting, work lights, dashboard warning lights. (1) Ceiling light cars and trucks generally only have a ceiling light, in addition to being used for car interior lighting, it can also function as a door to monitor whether the door is reliably closed. In the monitoring of the door state, as long as there are unreliable door closed, the dome light on. The power is generally 5-15W, there is a tendency toward the development of fluorescent lamps for bus dome lights.

    (2) The reading light is mounted on the front or top of the passenger seat. When the passenger is gathered, the reading lamp will not cause any glare to the driver when the light is read. The illumination range is smaller and some optical axis direction adjustment mechanism exists.

   (3) luggage compartment lights installed in the car or passenger luggage compartment, when the trunk lid is opened, the lights automatically lit up the space inside the trunk. Power is 5W.

    (4) The door light is installed on the inner side of the outside door of the car. When the door is opened, the door light is bright to inform the pedestrians and vehicles to avoid it later. Power is 5W, light color is red.

   (5) Stepping lights installed in the middle and large bus passenger door on the steps. When opening the passenger door at night, light the pedal.

(6) Instrument lighting installed in the dashboard on the reverse, used to illuminate the instrument pointer and scale board, power is 2W. Instrument lights generally with the position lights, license plate lights in parallel. Some automotive lighting instrument light intensity can be adjusted.

   (7) Alarm and indicator Common organic oil pressure alarm light, high temperature alarm light, charging indicator light, turn indicator light, high light indicator light, the warning light is generally red, yellow, the indicator light is generally green or blue color.

   (8) The work light is a vehicle-mounted low-voltage lighting tool that can be used when the vehicle is repaired. The power source comes from a car generator or a battery. Power is generally 21W, often with a hook or clamp, the plug has a cigarette lighter and two-pin plug two

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