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Led headlight development prospects!
Feb 03, 2018

 1、The main origin of LED chips for Taiwan, China, accounting for 47% of the LED market, while in mainland China LED factory mostly resin package processing, the chip needs a large number of imports lead to high cost of the main reasons.

     2、the domestic automotive industry manufacturers and consumers lack of awareness of LED lights, used to use LED lights with traditional lights for cost comparison, affecting the rapid development of LED lights the pace of industry, but also contributed to some Workshop-type processing enterprises with low quality products mixed with LED lights market.

    3、Many other professional manufacturers. With the constant updating of LED technology and the status quo and trend of the development of LED lamp technology, China's LED high-stop lamp will further popularize and the price will drop steadily. After the LED brake light, turn signal lamp and fog lamp begin to be commercialized, the LED car Lighting to personalized and artistic direction, while the LED intelligent control system will also be rapid development.

      4、In 2012, the global automotive traditional light source lighting accounted for about 10% of the total output of the light source, so the automotive market is the most promising LED lighting market segments. LED has been applied to the car interior and exterior, especially in the car interior lighting, color LED applications have matured, such as the use of instrument lights, backlight switches, car reading lights or head-up display systems; automotive exterior, the main combination of LED Taillights, such as brake lights, turn signals, stop lights combined.

      5、Experts believe that by 2013, more than 95% of all auto taillights in the world will adopt LED taillights. The entire market size of automotive led taillights will reach 2.3 billion yuan in output value each year.

In addition, the future development of taillights will also change the market.  

    6、Demand in the European market will no longer strong, 80% of the global automotive LED taillight products are sold to the Middle East, South America and other emerging markets. Market share of taillights in emerging markets such as South Asia, Latin America, Oceania and the Middle East will double.

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