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led headlights and xenon headlights which is good?
Feb 06, 2018

     The first two types of car headlamps popular, xenon headlamps and led headlights also compete in this area can not be turned off, especially those who have the intention to buy a car, shop staff in the 4s shop to listen to whether there is a cloud of fog In the feeling? So, xenon headlights and led headlight which is good?


What is led headlights?

led belongs to a kind of energy-saving light source, the headlights are the lights in front of the car, which means that the light source used in front of the car is led energy-saving light source, used in the front of the car lighting devices. Most car headlights now used are led light source.

led headlights

What is a Xenon headlight?

      Xenon headlamps accurate explanation is a kind of lighting system for car lamps. Xenon headlamps belong to a heavy metal lamps, through the UV glass shell, filled with a variety of chemical gases inside, and then through the supercharger to trigger the voltage rise, to protect the car power supply, and to make the lighting of the light stable , To improve the efficiency of the use of this is the so-called xenon 


Xenon headlight

 Xenon headlights and led headlight which is good?

    In terms of shape, LED lights as the most prominent feature of the car lights is actually composed of a large number, small size, high brightness of the lamp combination, are generally combined into a certain shape, such as a light line or a large piece of the whole Area. The xenon headlamps as a car lamp is located in which are generally relatively independent individuals, of course, there are also some of the models are bi-xenon headlamps.

        Of course, the most important thing is to light the light, these two kinds of lights if the ratio of brightness than one, it is certainly LED lamps in the luminous efficiency advantage. However, enough light LED lights, lighting distance is relatively limited compared to xenon headlamps, generally less than 10 meters. The xenon headlights are also considered light, but slightly less with LED headlights. But its own main role has always been used to illuminate the specific lighting distance although not statistically, but far more than the traditional LED headlamps.

       Second, in terms of energy saving, under the same power LED lamp and xenon headlamp, LED luminous efficiency is higher, although its ability to withstand weaker weaker, condenser effect is slightly worse than the xenon headlamps. LED itself is more energy-saving advantages indeed no doubt. Energy saving has always been the characteristics of LED lights.

Small size, played a series of reactions and you want to save energy and environmental protection can choose LED, like a whole, long distance may wish to consider xenon headlamps.

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