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LED high bay light to solve large-scale lighting problems
Aug 18, 2017

LED high bay light is using super bright white LED as light source, the shell is made of Aluminum Alloy (customer optional), with a high efficiency of heat dissipation by thermal lens, copper with Aluminum Alloy heat radiating natural air circulation makes the cooling more perfect combination of the different needs of customers form also will continue to change, LED high bay light power is only sodium lamp 20%, the equivalent of 100W LED high bay light can replace 500W lamp, especially with the low carbon green proposed country "".

In the factory energy consumption, lighting energy consumption occupies a certain weight. For example, in a 40 thousand square meters of factory buildings, lighting electricity load is about 400KW, therefore, in the selection of factory lighting, how to realize the energy saving and environmental protection is placed in the factory designers an important topic. LED lamp, which is based on new LED light source, has the advantages of long life, fast response time, light color, light concentration and so on. It has been favored by consumers in recent years.

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