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LED market how to speed up technological innovation
Aug 18, 2017

In recent years, the domestic LED industry reshuffle tide more and more fierce, many LED enterprises in this competition in the Red Sea fall. The basic reason is mainly due to the lack of performance of technological innovation capability of LED industry in China, and the overall innovation level of enterprises is relatively low. Mainly in the high technical content of new products, leading the market development of core products, technology and product clone "phenomenon, the industry can play a positive role in promoting technological progress and enhance the overall level of development of the industry leading enterprises lack of investment in research and development of a serious shortage of enterprises.

The technical level of China's LED industry is still relatively advanced, advanced level products and key technology and international industry to maintain the same, but the level is relatively backward in technology, there is an obvious gap between product standardization, system design, reliability, manufacturing technology, testing means and other aspects with foreign. And in the current market environment, the pattern of LED industry development is also changing a major change.

LED enterprises must have the strategy of adjustment and increase the intensity of innovation. The standard system of China's LED industry already has a foundation of the standardization work of LED products, it is necessary to strengthen the work in the standardization of LED products, but also to be perfect in the devices, such as basic materials, standardization of products and strengthen the LED standard materials, devices of upstream and downstream industry chain cooperation and coordination, while the relevant standards and the use of learning to promote attention.

Therefore, the formation and construction of the core competitiveness of China's LED enterprises is a long way to go. In order to improve the competitiveness of China's LED industry in the global industry, need from the following aspects: first, to improve and strengthen the propaganda, expand the influence, improve the image, improve the social awareness; second, improve the level of product technology, to create the new connotation of Chinese manufacturing; third, foster the formation of representative enterprises with strong comprehensive strength and scale.

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