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Procurement of high power LED high bay light attention to the problem
Aug 18, 2017

When purchasing LED high bay light, many people put the price in the first place, you're wrong. Now, factories and mines lamp manufacturers mixed up, the market is chaotic, the price is mixed, the quality varies greatly. Banner photoelectric many years of experience sharing: ordinary customers encountered; there are low prices, dare not buy, high prices, ruthless buy, many manufacturers compare, the more do not know how to buy. The main reason for this is because we do not know what should be paid attention to when purchasing LED lamps.

First: look at the configuration of LED industrial and mining lights. See the first chip, chip imported brands of high light efficiency, long life, small decline, stability. Secondly, look at the power supply, and some black heart manufacturers with poor quality power supply, are inadequate power, you buy 100W lights, the actual power is only about 700W. And then look at the shell material, and purity of lamps prices also depends on the selection of imported aluminum, aluminum, aluminum heat sink, use more naturally, only with the material reality, in order to ensure the radiating effect of the lamp.  Moreover, the electric box of lamps and lanterns should choose pure aluminium, and the heat dissipation of some cast-iron is not good. The banner of photoelectric LED high bay light using imported American Bridgelux chips, Taiwan meanwell power, which belongs to the product line, 5 years warranty.

Second: look at the strength of the company's manufacturers, it is best to find a formal professional manufacturers, do LED lighting, long time, good reputation, so as to ensure that every LED industrial and high bay lights do not cut corners. Some small companies, low configuration, low prices, LED industrial and mining lights sold to you, with a few months, lamps broken, and then find them, you can not see.

Third: talk about LED industrial and high bay light prices. Looking for the factory direct sales of LED mining lights, which will save middlemen costs, to minimize prices.

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