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Seven advantages of LED car lights!
Feb 02, 2018

      1、Long life, up to tens of thousands and even 100,000 hours. Some people think that if the future of automotive lighting LED, the entire car will not have to replace the lamp life.

      2、high efficiency, low power consumption. LED light source does not require color filter can directly produce the need for automotive lighting red, amber and other colors, no loss, power utilization up to 80%.

     3、high-quality light, are basically non-radiant green products, "green" light source.

     4、LED’s structure is simple, the internal stent structure, surrounded by a transparent epoxy seal, good seismic performance.

    5、light without delay, light fast response (nanoseconds), suitable for moving objects with fast speed.

    6、 for low voltage work, can be used in cars.

    7、LED occupies a small size, the designer can freely change the lamp mode, so that the car styling diversification. Car manufacturers favor LED, LED is entirely the merits of its own decision

Automotive LED lights in the domestic car on the use of less than 1%, and the use of automotive LED lights up to 30% of countries such as Switzerland have a larger gap. LED lamps in the Chinese market, the main drag is the cost of development. LED chip production technology is difficult, high threshold, Yang Jing process temperature, humidity, power supply, dust removal requirements are very strict, initially need to invest heavily in building factories.

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