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Three Tips To Buy LED Headlights You Must Know
May 03, 2018

After 10 years of development, LED car headlamps have already established a foothold in the market. There is still a large gap between the market share of halogen lamps and the characteristics and performance of LEDs. The headlights of automobiles have a huge market in the future. With the improvement of technology and the introduction of related safety policies, it is expected to completely replace the possibility of halogen lamps in the future, but now the price of LED headlights is still much more expensive than ordinary halogen lamps. Many, however, have to say that the LED headlights have a much longer life than xenon lamps. Their service life is more than 100,000 hours, which is 100 times that of ordinary light bulbs. LED lamps consume only one-twentieth of the power of halogen lamps. . It is precisely because of the insurmountable advantages of these halogen lamps and xenon lamps for automotive LED headlights that the price is not the only standard for consumers, so the automotive LED headlamps are still very popular.

How much knowledge does the LED headlamps have? Most of you may not understand it. Everyone just knows that driving at night will be used. With bright lights, the future of the world is bright, but in fact our lights have a lot of knowledge when we buy LED. When car headlights should pay attention to what? Let's take a look at three measured indices >>>>

The first index of automotive LED headlamps: Color Rendering Index CRI

Color rendering index, English abbreviation CRI, English abbreviation of color rendering index. It seems that there is a sense of incomprehension. The reality is very simple. It is used to show the color of the light source. According to their own actual situation. First understand the color of the LED headlights, make accurate purchases, and make your LED headlights the most harmonious part of your car.


The second index of automotive LED headlamps: color temperature

The color temperature is divided into two kinds of warm and cold colors, and the color temperature of the LED headlamp is also divided into two types. If you choose LED headlamps for annual inspections, it is recommended that you select a warm 5000K LED headlamp. The light of this hue is similar to the color of the skin, and does not cause discomfort to the naked eye. If you need to modify the original lights to be light enough, it is recommended that you choose the cool 6500K LED headlamps. Cold-colored LED headlights are generally suitable for modified cars. You can choose the color of the LED headlight according to your needs. The warm tone will make you feel more relaxed, and the cool color will give you a "brightness", but choose according to the actual situation! !

The third index of car LED headlights: Lumen

This data should be the most familiar data for everyone, indicating how bright this bulb is. Then is the lumen higher, the greater the power consumption? This is not the case, so this requires everyone to choose LED headlamps, we must carefully look at the ratio of lumen value and power value, so that you can choose to high brightness But the power consumption is small. Guangpeng LED car headlight is your best choice! !

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