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Use the led light tips.
Mar 22, 2018

1.Night lighting, commonly known as “led headlights"

The headlights have two forms of high beam and low beam. Use low beams on roads with street lights in urban areas and open high beams when driving on roads without lights or highways. When crossing or overtaking, alternating far and near light to prompt.

2.Night lights, commonly known as "little lights"

Used to display the width and length of the car at night, prompting other vehicles and pedestrians to see themselves. When you can't see the back side from the rearview mirror, you should light up the little light, including rainy days.

3.Turn lights

It should be opened about 100 meters before the turn. If you drive too late, you will be less prepared for the trailing vehicles, opposite vehicles, and past pedestrians. When waiting in line at the traffic light crossing, as long as it is not ranked first, it will not need to flash for a long time, waiting for the car to make a turn, and then flash it too late. Otherwise, the power fee light will fluctuate with the driver behind.

4.brake light 

Brake taillights are used to tell the rear vehicle to slow down or stop. If there is a fault, it can easily cause a rear-end collision. Brake lamp double tail light bulb power is much larger than the general small light bulb, will produce high temperature, long time stepping on the foot brake, will make the brake tail light for a long time to light, affect the service life, waste of electricity.

5.led fog lights

It can help the driver to improve visibility in the fog, inform the opposite side of the car, avoid each other, safety car. Therefore, fog lights must be turned on in fog. Never use small lamps instead. The power of fog lamps is usually 55W/inch, similar to that of headlights, but the space for heat dissipation is far less than headlights. Therefore, be sure to turn off immediately after parking to prevent overheating and damage the lampshade.

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