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What kind of motorcycle headlights are good?
May 03, 2018

Which kind of motorcycle headlight is better? There are three: LED headlights, xenon lamps, halogen lamps, which is better?

The halogen lamp of the original car is provided when the motorcycle is shipped from the factory. This bulb is generally 35W. The brightness of this light bulb is not enough. It should be known that if it is used in the urban areas, there will be street lights. However, when there is no street light, or when it is relatively fast, it is not enough. Especially when there is a car on the opposite side, your lighting is equivalent to no more. It is too dark.

Before the LED headlights did not come out, people used xenon lamps. It was a last resort. The temperature of the xenon lamp was very high, 300-400 degrees. Baked lamp holders and yellowing of the lamp shades occurred from time to time. Power consumption.

Everyone should know that the xenon lamp is used to raise the 12V voltage of the original car to 23000V through the ballast and then ignite the arc to shine. Imagine also knowing how much energy is needed to raise the 12V to 23000V. Therefore, especially the pressure on the battery when the xenon lamp is started. Very, very large. This is also the reason why the xenon lamp has a delay and cannot be turned on as soon as it is powered on, because it is a process to raise the voltage, so it can only be slowly and fully lighted after being powered on.

The temperature of the LED headlamps is very low, it is also 50-70 degrees, and it is an instant start, one power immediately light up.

People now use LED headlamps to change lights. Bright and power saving is the most prominent feature of LED headlights. Just as energy-saving lamps replace incandescent light bulbs, it is a trend.

Take this time often have a rider to get the "Nine plus a motorcycle LED headlamps M3S" I called here to install the device, the function is only 32W, than the original car halogen light bulbs, but the brightness is the original car Halogen bulbs at least 4 times more!

The LED headlights are relatively soft, not as dazzling as xenon lamps, and evenly paved roads are not easy to visual fatigue, which is why people now use LED lights.

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