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What kind of motorcycle headlights are the brightest?
May 03, 2018

In the past, a lot of people used xenon headlamps, but now LED headlights are generally used. In particular, there is a car manufacturer called “Nine Plus One” that produces a “nine plus one 360 degree three-sided LED headlamp”. Brightness and xenon lamp PK, the brightness is very high, very bright, open the high beam, the other party must change light. Even more commendable is that its energy consumption is very, very low, only 18W or 24W. The energy consumption is 1/3~1/6 of the halogen lamp of the original vehicle, but the brightness is 2.5-4 times that of the original vehicle.

Brightness comes up, which is helpful for driving safety, but another issue that needs to be considered is the choice of color temperature. 3000K is gold light, strong penetration, suitable for rain and fog, 6500K is pure white light, such as the noon sun , is the most used color. If you have a lot of rain and fog, you can use gold light. If there is not much rain and fog, you can use pure white light. Pure white light shines in sunny days and the effect is very good. After installing a pure white light headlight, you can add a gold light. Fog lights are perfect.

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