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Wrangler modified roof lights
Aug 18, 2017

High quality LED long strip lamp, mainly used for car roof light modification, SUV off-road vehicle, spot light, cross-country headlight, engineering Che Zhaoming work light. 

The United States and Taiwan Jingyuan kerei CREE lamp bulb, 10-30V wide voltage design, Aluminum Alloy shell, Aluminum Alloy bracket, shockproof, anti rust, waterproof (IP67), high and low temperature resistance, energy saving, high brightness, long life, power and various sizes, condensing and floodlight optional, easy to mount a solid, widely used in automobile lamp, lamp, lamp, off-road truck lights, agricultural machinery, mechanical engineering, ambulance lights lights, lights, lights, logging excavator forklift, mine lamp lights, snow lights, lights, lights, tanks, armored hunting lights and other vehicle lighting and industrial field, also can select different power converter used in more place.

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