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Analysis On The Price Difference Of LED Car Headlamps
Aug 18, 2017

I believe that many customers in the understanding of LED car headlights, there will always be such concerns, the same is LED car headlamps, how the price difference so much?

First talk about the composition of LED automobile headlamps, and then itemized and analysis.

General LED car headlights from the light emitting device and LED, drive, and optical components, fixing and protecting the light-emitting element member, and apparatus connected to the branch circuit components, the simple point that basically is by the LED light-emitting element, PCB circuit board and a casing.

1.LED light emitting element

Generally we call the light emitting diode (also called LED), the LED chip is packaged and shape bracket.

LED chip quality, packaging technology, stent, the price difference is great. LED chip manufacturers price is different, the general chip plant in Europe and Japan and South Korea and Taiwan, the price is relatively high, the chip manufacturers at a lower price, LED chip size also affects the price, size, the higher the price, the LED chip of different size brightness, but its life is completely different, because the unit area of the chip the greater the power over its life is short, this is also the reason that led the price the same brightness is not the same.

LED chip packaging parameters are different, the price will vary greatly, brightness, wavelength, antistatic ability, leakage current, light-emitting angle, life, etc., are the main factors affecting the price of led. The price of the greater the brightness is high, different wavelength (color) the price is different, generally white and red is cheaper, the consistency of the wavelength of light emitting tube price impact, good consistency (pure color, no color) the price is high, bad packaging equipment factory, is to use the LED chip the best is also very difficult to produce stable quality of light emitting diode. The service life of the light emitting diode effect of antistatic ability and leakage current, antistatic ability or the leakage current of light emitting diode is very unstable, prone to death light phenomenon, the current packaging technology better manufacturers or the United States and Japan and Taiwan area, packaging technology, is not mature.

The same brightness, LED chip, different packaging materials and packaging factory, due to different light emitting diode price disparity, sometimes is more than ten times; the light emitting diode price different brightness will vary greatly.

2.PCB circuit board

LEDs need to be driven, where the LED drive power and the series of LEDs are (array) together, and it's easier to understand. LED driving power supply is the key factor for the performance of LED lamps, and it is also an important requirement for the selection or design of LED lamps and lanterns. Since the LED is a low voltage constant current drive for 2-3V, power and control circuitry should be designed to drive the LED. The driving power of LED is divided into two driving types: constant current type and voltage stabilizing type. The constant current drive circuit LED is ideal, but the relative price is higher; and voltage drive circuit to drive LED, each string need to add the appropriate resistance, which can make each string of LED average brightness, brightness is also affected by the change of voltage rectifier, power efficiency and reliability than the constant current drive is poor, but the price is relatively low many.  The working voltage of single chip LED in 2-3V, 15-20MA in the current, voltage and current is less than the range of work, brightness is not enough, and greater than the range of work, fever increased, accelerated aging, shorten the life, so the rational design of LED driving power, a more stable product, longer service life. The larger the LED power, the constant current drive power cost increases much more than the voltage regulator type, the structure of the driving power and the choice of IC components cause significant differences in product costs.

LED lighting products all electronic circuits are on the PCB board, PCB board material and processing technology will directly affect product quality and life, the circuit board material is divided into glass fiber, semi glass fiber, cardboard three kinds. The process is divided into single-sided, double-sided, multilayer, bare copper, tin and so on. Different materials and processes will also affect the quality of welding at the later stage. Welding process and materials also affect the stability and life of products, which also result in a big difference in product prices.

The same light-emitting diode, made out of product quality will vary greatly, the price will vary greatly. Looks like the brightness of the product, the price difference is very big, because the quality stability, product life will be much worse.

3. shell

The composition of a set of LED lighting accessories are collectively referred to as the shell. As the light and protective layer of LED lighting, the shell will also affect the product's effect and life. Different materials used, anti-aging, UV resistance, impact resistance will be very different, material processing technology is different, there will be a greater price difference.

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