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How To Choose The LED Strip Light ?
Aug 18, 2017

LED lights are often used to delineate the contours of various buildings, the construction of large-scale lighting patterns, a variety of interior decoration, community, home landscaping and other lighting decoration. According to the difference of the use of LED strip lights, there are high voltage LED strip lights and low voltage LED strip lights, high voltage LED light band also known as AC lamp belt, low voltage LED light is called DC lamp belt, then these two kinds of LED flexible lamp with what difference, when we buy it, how to choose? 

1, Consider the security aspect: high-voltage LED lamp with 220V voltage work, belongs to the dangerous voltage, in some risk occasions the use of security risks; low-voltage LED light strips are operating at the DC 12V operating voltage, belonging to the safety voltage, can be applied to a variety of occasions, no danger to the person. 

2, Consider installation, High voltage LED lamp installation is relatively simple, can be directly driven by high pressure drive, the general factory can be configured directly, connected to the 220V power can work normally. and low-voltage LED flexible light with the installation of the lamp belt in front of the installation of DC power supply, relative to the installation of relatively complex. 

3, from the LED lamp price: If the single from two kinds of lights to see, LED lamp with Price is similar, but from the overall cost to measure it is not the same, because the high voltage LED lamp is equipped with high voltage power supply, generally a power supply can bring 30-50 meters led flexible light strips, and, relatively speaking, high voltage cost is relatively low. and low voltage LED lights to be equipped with DC power supply, general 1.6-meter bead 5050 of the power of the lamp belt is roughly 12-14w, also means that every meter lamp with 15W or so DC power supply, so low voltage LED lamp cost will improve a lot of costs, greatly higher than the high voltage LED light band. Therefore, for the overall cost, low voltage LED lamp prices higher than high voltage LED lamps. 

4, the packaging, high-voltage LED light with the packaging and low voltage LED lights are also very different, high voltage led flexible light band can generally do 50-100 m/roll; low voltage LED light band generally do 5-10 m/roll; the DC power supply attenuation above 10 meters will be very strong.

From the above analysis can be seen, high and low voltage LED light all have the advantages and disadvantages, so users need to according to their different using environment to make the reasonable choice.

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