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LED Car Headlamps And Xenon Headlights Difference
Aug 18, 2017

LED car headlamps, led completely solid state packaging, in theory, no wearing parts, only natural aging. Very high luminous efficiency, almost 100%, the current breakthrough is the price and power.

Xenon headlamps have no filament, the theory of long life, high luminous efficiency, our common car modification 35W xenon lamp than ordinary light bulb 100W much brighter, but the price is higher.

LED car headlamps

LED is English light emitting diode (light emitting diode) abbreviation, its basic structure is a electroluminescent semiconductor chip light emitting materials, with silver glue or glue curing to the bracket, connecting a chip and a circuit board and then with silver or gold, then sealed with epoxy resin around, to protect the internal core role finally, the installation shell, so the seismic performance of LED lamp is good.

LED automobile headlamp principle of light emission

LED (Light, Emitting, Diode) light emitting diode is a solid-state semiconductor device that converts electrical energy into visible light. It can directly convert electricity into light. The heart of LED is a semiconductor wafer, one end of which is attached to a bracket, one end is negative, and the other is connected to the positive electrode of the power to encapsulate the entire wafer with epoxy resin. Semiconductor wafers consist of two parts, one is P type semiconductor, in which the hole dominates, and the other end is N type semiconductor, which is mainly electronic here. But when the two semiconductors are connected, they form a P-N junction between them. When the current passes through the wire acting on the chip, the electrons are pushed into the P region. In the P region, electrons combine with the hole and then emit energy in the form of photons, which is the principle of the LED light shining. The wavelength of light, that is, the color of light, is determined by the material that forms the P-N junction.

Xenon headlamps (High intensity Discharge) refers to the interior is filled with inert gas mixture including xenon, no halogen lamp (halogen lamp) has a high pressure gas discharge lamp filament, HID xenon lamp, metal halide lamp can be called or xenon lamps, the luminous principle is the starter and electronic ballast voltage increased to more than 23000V high voltage breakdown resulting in xenon xenon arc is formed between the two electrode and light. Xenon lamp is divided into xenon lamp for automobile and xenon lamp for outdoor lighting.

Xenon lamp, also known as HID gas discharge headlamp in the field of automobile lamps. High pressure xenon, encased in quartz tubes, is used instead of conventional tungsten wires to provide higher color temperature and more concentrated lighting. Xenon lamp is a beam of electric arc formed by high voltage current to activate xenon. It can discharge light continuously between two electrodes. The power of an ordinary car's tungsten filament bulb is 55 watts, while the xenon lamp is only 35 watts, down by nearly 1 and a half. Xenon lights can significantly reduce the load on the vehicle power system. The color temperature of automobile xenon lamp is between 4000K - 6000K, much higher than that of ordinary headlight bulb. Its brightness is high, and the color of 4300K xenon lamp is white and yellow. Because of lower color temperature, the visual effect is yellow, and the penetrating power of light is stronger than that of high color temperature, so it can improve the driving safety at night and foggy weather.

Xenon headlamp principle of light emission

Luminescence principle of xenon lamp is UV crystal quartz glass tube in UV-cut, with a variety of chemical gas filling, mostly xenon (Xenon) with iodide, and then through the turbocharger (Ballast) of the car DC voltage of 12 volts to an instant boost voltage of 23000 volts, after high voltage amplitude quartz xenon electronic excitation tube free, light source produced between two electrodes, this is the so-called gas discharge. Produced by the xenon white super arc, can improve the light color temperature, similar to the sunlight, the amount of current HID required only when 3.5A, the brightness is three times longer than traditional halogen lamp, the service life is 10 times longer than traditional halogen lamp.

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