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Sep 27, 2017

I have bought Jeep Wrangler for some time ,but I don’t upgrade my car yet. As just now,many of riders are upgrading their headlights,such as:Speaker 8700、NCC、Truck-lite etc.I also try a set LED headlight. ,and now i provide the installations and usage reports.
After considering the performance, price , shape, budget , channels and other factors, with a friend’s introduction eventually chose a set of led headlights of the brand:Lekai
Simply for the below reasons:

1、Shape: Replace the led headlamp not only to improve performance but also largely to enhance the visual impact of the wrangler positive.When i start to choose the lights,First,it’s must be cool enough.then, the following elements should be meet:

1)、black face;

2)、large halo with LED daytime running lights or angel eyes;

3)、it is same to the speaker 8700 headlight,As my car just Jeep Wrangler unlimited.

2、Price:We all want to buy the cheaper led headlight,the better quality and more cool than the original headlamp and other led headlights.

3、channels : Original design is necessary and  never buy 100% copy products, such as the speaker 8700 ,many factory copy this product and if you are not the professional one,you will be darken by the copy one!

I chose black face+ white Angel Eyes, there should be silver and pink face,White、green、blue、red Angel eyes to choose ,China CCC certification, EU ECE certification, the USA DOT and SAE certification.

protagonist coming! Four lens,the bigger ones are high beam,the smaller ones are low beam,the outer ring is DRL or angel eyes with white、blue、red、green color. Personally I feel that the Lekai LK-70XXX-X series are the same cool with the Speaker 8700 Series . Given a free hand to give it a nickname , called “Bug Eye” it is not like most of a huge compound eyes of certain insects, a hint of cold ferocity .

7inch led headlight with black face

bug eyes

electronic and the details

Start replacement
1、As a reminder, you need a T15 screwdriver before modify ,remove the original headlights and adjust the new 7 inch led headlights need the screwdriver. (Please check the below picture )

2、Remove the network, you can see the four screws of the light box, can be removed with a T15 screwdriver.

T15 screwdriver 


under modify 1

3、 LED light color temperature is relatively high ,just 6000K and the original is halogen bulb,the color temperature is too low,just 3000K, is obvious distinction of them.

4、The Wrangler is eclipsed as the headlights are removed.So,if you want your car become cool,you should choose a shine headlights for it.The LED headlights is your first choice!

under modify 2 


under modify 3

The front of the new Lekai 7inch LED headlight and Jeep Wrangler original halogen headlamp compare:

Qeedon led headlight VS jeep original headlight 1

The back of the new Lekai 7inch LED headlight and Jeep Wrangler original halogen headlamp compare:

 Qeedon led headlight VS jeep original headlight 2

Read about the original user manual,there are two 12V external power points of Jeep Wrangler, which are located in the control cigarette lighter and trunk . It supports a maximum power of 160W appliances ( 13 Amps ) , two daytime running lights only 8W, more than enough. I chose the cigarette lighter of 20A Insurance (shown in red circle position ) , must be connected to the outside , oh , this is equivalent to the ACC .

Jeep electronic

Daytime running lights! The DRL、Low Beam and High Beam lighting together!

under modify 4


under modify 5

After finished,The Low Beam and High Beam light switch response speed is greatly improved, and because of the LED color temperature is higher , the light seems to no longer so yellow . At the same time, the brightness and the irradiation angle is also significantly improved.

Jepp wrangler original headlight low beam/low+high beam distribution

Lekai 7 inch led headlight for Jeep Wrangler low beam/low+high beam distribution

Jepp wrangler original headlight 3

Qeedon 7 inch led headlight for Jeep Wrangler 3

Show more  pics of the car with Lekai 7inch led headlamps

7 inch led headlight application of Jeep Wrangler 2 

7 inch led headlight application of Jeep Wrangler 4

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