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The Reasons Affecting The Service Life Of LED Work Lights
Aug 18, 2017

The light emitting diode is what we call the LED, it is actually a semiconductor device which can convert electrical power into a visible light, in LED, a chip that is composed of N type semiconductor and P type semiconductor, these two parts are connected together will form a P-N junction, when the current through the this will happen when the chip electronic energy in the P region, will be presented in the form of visible light, which is led working lamp capable of emitting light causes.

The actual lighting effect and the service life of the LED lamp depends largely on the material structure design, excellent surface cover and shell structure, excellent design and excellent material determines the heat dissipation function LED working lamp, power and brightness is proportional to the same condition, the more powerful the brightness is high, but the power the higher the temperature also means will be high, so heat lamps function is particularly important, if it will direct the cooling effect of LED lamp is not ideal effect LED the service life of the lamp, (LED lamp in the long-term high temperature work will lead to speed up the LED light pearl attenuation).

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