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Three Tips To Buy LED Headlights
Mar 29, 2018

How much knowledge a car LED headlight does, most people do not understand. Only knowing that driving at night will be used, the entire world will be bright, but in fact there are a lot of knowledge in this area that can be worth our careful consideration. When we are ready to buy new LED

When the car headlights, there are a lot of learning. Let it go now

China Light Source Xiaobian Handlebar Takes You to Choose the Right Car LED

Headlight. LED actually means light emitting diodes. Compared to before, LED

After years of development of the car headlamps, prices have fallen back to the consumer market, but have to say, LED

Headlamps are still much more expensive than ordinary halogen lamps, but I have to mention that LED

The service life of the headlights is much longer than that of xenon lamps. It can be used continuously for 50,000 hours, which is 50 times that of ordinary bulbs. LED lamps consume only one-twentieth of the power of halogen lamps. It is because of the LED

The led headlight have so many advantages, so even though its price is high, it is still welcome. Color temperature Color temperature is divided into two kinds of warm and cool colors, LED

The color temperature of headlights is also divided into these two types. If you are in order to be able to

Annual inspection select LED

Headlights, then it is recommended that you choose a warm 5000K LED

Headlight. The light of this hue is similar to the color of the skin, and it does not cause discomfort to the naked eye. If you need to modify the original light to be bright enough, it is recommended that you choose the cool color 6500K LED

Headlight. Cool color LED

Headlights are generally suitable for modified cars. You can choose LED according to your needs

The color of the headlights, warm colors will make you feel more relaxed, and the cool colors will give you a "brightness", how to choose your own casual. Color rendering index CRI, the abbreviation of the color rendering index. Does it seem to be very tall? Actually very simple, is used to display the color of the light source. Specifically how to make up, I will not list here one by one,

Baidu, you know. Understand the LED

The color of the headlights can be accurately purchased to make your LED

The headlights become the most harmonious part of your car. Luminance This data should be the most familiar data for everyone, indicating how bright the bulb is. Then is the lumen higher, the greater the power consumption? This is not the case, so this requires everyone to choose LED

When headlights, it is necessary to carefully look at the ratio of the value of the lumens to the value of the power consumption, so that you can choose a product with high brightness and low power consumption. If you accidentally come across

A good product of the light source, you just bought it! LED

The headlights are an indispensable part of the car, and are also the most easily perceived part of good or bad. along with


The arrival of the headlight era. About LED

Headlights, there are two final points to share with you. The first is the LED

The biggest advantage of headlights versus xenon lamps is their safety, because they turn on and on immediately, requiring no response time and avoiding the intangible danger of high-speed driving. The second is LED

Although the price of the headlights is low and high, but after all, a penny and a price, do not blindly pursue cost-effective, it is not practical

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