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What Are The Advantages Of LED Lights
Aug 18, 2017

Automobile lighting industry mainstream headlamps are xenon lamps and halogen lamps. However, the LED lamp has been gradually rise, now with the LED lamp technology becomes more mature, the future will become the automotive lighting LED lamp industry leader, what are the advantages compared to the two lights LED lights in front of it?

1, energy saving and cost reduction year by year

LED lights have higher luminous efficiency, more than two times that of fluorescent lamps. But if we use domestic energy-saving lamps, it can save about 1 times more energy than incandescent lamps, while energy saving lamps are more than three times more efficient than LED lights. The car is so, daytime driving lights also, LED energy consumption accounted for only 1/20 and LED halogen lamp, the current cost is decreased year by year, according to statistics, the annual price of LED lighting dropped at a rate of 20%.

2, long life

At present, LED car lights average service life can reach 50000 hours or more, and some of the more well-known lighting suppliers can provide up to LED more than 100000 life elements, the equivalent of eleven years do not need to replace the light bulb.

3, wear-resistant

LED lamp structure is very simple, and its shock resistance and seismic resistance are very good, do not worry that the light bulb will be broken easily, can well adapt to all kinds of harsh environment.

4, small components, easy to layout

LED lamp components are very small, can be very good design and layout, this is also the LED lamp is a huge advantage to meet the design requirements of automobile manufacturers, breaking the traditional lighting system, create a new modelling of lighting system, so that we have a more perfect light.

5, light up fast

The speed of the LED lights is very fast, just a delicate one. At present, most of them are used in automobile taillights and steering lights. Because it can be quickly lit, it plays a very good warning role. If the LED headlights are applied to the headlights, the effect will be more secure than the xenon and halogen lights.

6, low loss

LED lights have high brightness, light brightness failure is far lower than halogen lamps, used in car headlights, brake lights and steering lights and so on.

7 、 low voltage current can be lighted

LED lights need only low voltage direct current to light, and its small load, anti-interference, and environmental requirements are relatively low, do not need to install the ballast as xenon lamp.

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