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Why Is The LED Headlamp So Popular
Aug 18, 2017

Why are LED headlights so popular? LED headlamps are popular, the biggest reason is that beautiful. But in addition to beauty, the benefits of LED are invisible! Compared to the traditional halogen headlamps, xenon headlamps, etc., LED headlamps with energy saving, high brightness, long life, small light emitting units, rich modeling and so on. Moreover, because most LED headlamps is composed of a series of LED cell array, so you can easily achieve the height adjustable and automatic distance light switching, steering and cornering light auxiliary and a series of intelligent lighting function. 

Such as Audi, Mercedes Benz and other luxury brands of LED headlamps, but also with automatic identification of pedestrians, road signs, such as brightness adjustment function, to enhance the safety of great benefit! Once popularized, it will no longer be blinded by other people's high lights.

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