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Why Transform LED Car Headlamps?
Aug 18, 2017

Since most of the original headlights are made of inexpensive tooth candy bulbs. On the one hand, the temperature is too low, not enough brightness, light color yellow, which makes the owners driving at night often blurred vision can not see the road; on the other hand, the tooth element lamp is often short life, high failure rate, calculated according to the attenuation law of halogen light, half light more than 30%. The light more than 20% lumens, a general halogen lamp value will be lower than the national minimum standards of the 1200LM. Since the halogen light is sufficient to ensure safe driving, the useful life will be less than 6 months. For the sake of lighting safety, it is a common item in the automobile modification project to refit the automobile headlight.

Previously only with xenon lamp to replace halogen lamp, xenon lamp and light while life than halogen lamps to improve a lot, but the working principle is through the xenon lamp ballast in the moment of the 12V power supply voltage to 20 thousand volts above the pulse voltage, activation of xenon lamp in xenon produced light. The current load, the ballast and xenon lamp requirements are relatively high, plus light physical properties is also more powerful, so the cost is high and the service life of tank.

Now, as LED technology continues to mature, resulting in the continued decline in costs, previously used only in millions of luxury cars on the LED headlamps finally began in 2015, down to the intermediate car market. In 2016, the first real car LED headlamp in the Chinese market was born at Lei SETRA! It not only surpasses the foreign similar products in the performance, but also suits each kind of vehicle type, is the best choice in the automobile change lamp market.

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